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Learning for Life (LLP)

Our Belief
Every student can be a leader and mastery of self is an important component of his / her leadership development and journey in New Town Secondary School.

Our Vision
As part of the school’s vision to ‘Nurture Talents and Sharing Success’, we seek to also develop confident and compassionate student leaders to lead, serve and excel.

Outcomes of the Learning For Life Programme
1. Ethical and reflective leader who shows concern for the community.
2. Skilled servant leader who are competent to serve and lead by example.
3. Empowered contributor who are able to exert positive energy to spheres of influence.

Whole-School Approach
Every staff in the school is involved in the training of student leadership as shown below:
1) To develop students into confident and compassionate leaders with
strong character.
2) To enable students to acquire leadership skills through workshops and training
3) To provide opportunities and expose for students to take on leadership roles.

  • Leadership Cohort Training Programme for Secondary 1 and 2 students
  • Secondary 3 3D2N Outdoor Adventure Camp (Cohort Character Development Programme)
  • Student Leaders Year-End Leadership Training Camp (differentiated learning objectives)
  • Secondary 1 Orientation Camp (Training of Students Leaders to organise and run the Orientation Camp)
  • Teachers’ Day Concert
  • Student Leadership Workshop for West 1 Cluster Primary School Student Leaders
  • Student Leaders’ Investiture
  • Class Committee Training: Ambassadors’ Training in skills and competencies
  • Class Committee Training: Class Chairpersons Workshop
  • CCA Leaders and Members Training

Teachers in-charge
Mr Evan Ng (HOD/ Science)
Mr Yong Wei Hoong (Teacher IC/ Student Council)
Mrs Keira Seow (Teacher IC/ Student Council)
Mr Nicholas Low (Teacher IC/Peer Support Leaders)

WE STories
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