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Core Programme

Nurturing learners with strong fundamentals in scientific knowledge, practices and values through a quality and engaging science environment

Enrichment Programmes and Activities

Level-wide programmes to experience authentic applications of science

a.    Internal

    • Hydroponics for Sec 1
    • Science Challenge for Sec 2
    • Nature of Science workshop for Sec 3

b.    External

    • Science Centre for Sec 1
    • iFly for Sec 3 Physics
    • NUS Demo Lab for Sec 4/5

Stretch Programmes

Differentiated programmes to cater to students’ interests and needs

a.    Workshops

    • Training for Science reps
    • Butterfly Watch for Sec 1

b.    Competitions

    • Junior Science Olympiads for Sec 4
    • Ignite Skills Challenge for Sec 3N
    • Science Innovation Challenge for Sec 2

Support Programme

a.    Afternoon sign-up learning (ASL) for all levels

    • Sec 1 Foundation Science
    • Subject-based banding (SBB) for LSS
    • Needs-basis for other levels

b.    Teaching in educational support (TiES) strategies for low progress learners eg. whiteboarding

c.    Consultations for graduating classes