Core Programme

·         Students to learn, be exposed to, and be involved in the 3 key areas of Physical Education:

a)    Physical Activity & Sports

o   Modular Sports System:
Sec 1: Frisbee, Track & Field I, Tchoukball
Sec 2: Track & Field II, Basketball, Badminton, Netball
Sec 3: Handball, Volleyball, Floorball
Sec 4-5s: Football, Softball, Pickleball, Basketball

b)    Physical Health & Fitness

o   Thematic Approach

§  Life Skills: CPR AED Life-Saving Skills & Heart Rate Reading

§  Sports Safety

§  Balanced Lifestyle

§  Exercise Programmes

c)    Outdoor Education

o   Experiential learning

o   Thematic Approach

·         Fitness & Conditioning

o   In preparation for our Annual Cross Country and NAPFA Test

·         NAPFA Testing (Sec 2,4 & 5s only)

Enrichment Programmes and Activities

·         In class, Inter-Class & Intra-Class Competition Platforms

·         Sec 1 Introductory to Hip-Hop Dance

·         Sec 2 Introductory to Sports Climbing

·         Sec 3 3D2N Outdoor Adventure Camp

·         Annual NTSS Cross Country 2.4km Run

·         Standard First Aid + AED Certification

Stretch Programmes

·         Annual Sports Carnival

o   Sec 1: Frisbee

o   Sec 2: Tchoukball

o   Sec 3: Floorball

o   Sec 4/5s: Captains Ball

·         Sec 1 Post Exam Activities Tchoukball Inter-Class Competition

Support Programme

·         I’m in Charge! Active Lifestyle for Life Progamme (ALL)

NAPFA Re-test (for Sec 2, 4 & 5s only)