Core Programme

The Mother Tongue Department curriculum focuses on nurturing our students in becoming active learners and proficient users of their Mother Tongue. By providing an engaged learning environment and structured learning programme, students hone their language skills and become competent users in their MT Language.

Enrichment Programmes and Activities

  • Secondary One Project Work
  • Secondary One Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme (CCM)
  • Lower Secondary Writing Package
  • Lower Secondary Storybook Reading Programme
  • Upper Secondary COMMA Newspaper Reading Programme
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Internal Essay Writing Competition
  • Chinese New Year Concert
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight

Stretch Programmes

  • External Essay Writing Programme (ML)
  • National Youth Chinese Calligraphy Competition
  • National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition (新蕾奖)
  • National Creative Story Writing Competition for Secondary Students
  • National Secondary School Chinese Writing Competition @ Boon Lay Community Centre

Support Programme

  • Afternoon Sign-Up Learning ASL
  • MT Intensive Programme