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Core Programme

The Humanities syllabi focus on inquiry-based learning, where students learn to appreciate content and learn skills through experiential learning and investigative projects. Students develop critical thinking skills and they learn how to make sound evaluation of issues.Learning is enhanced through Assessment for Learning, Assessment as Learning and online technological tools on the Student Learning Space (SLS).

Enrichment Programmes and Activities

  • Secondary 1 Water Quality Geographical Investigation at Sungei Ulu Pandan
  • Secondary 1 Historical Investigation
  • Secondary 2 Learning Journey to Ford Factory, Battlebox, and National Museum
  • Secondary 3 Pure Geography Coastal Studies Geographical Investigation at East Coast Park
  • Secondary 3 Elective Geography Weather Studies Geographical Investigation
  • Secondary 3 Issue Investigation
  • Secondary 4 and 5 Tourism Geographical Investigation at HarbourFront Centre

Stretch Programmes

  • NUS Geography Challenge 2020
  • MOE History Challenge 2020

Support Programme

  • Afternoon Sign-up Learning to close learning gaps and clarify doubts