National Education

(1) To enhance the knowledge of our students about our Singapore Story and the challenges Singapore faced.
(2) To cultivate a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore.

Dispositions of Citizenship: A Sense of Belonging, A Sense of Reality, A Sense of Hope which brings about A Will To Act.

National Education (NE) aims to cultivate a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore through the Head, Heart and Hand approach.

The key events which the school commemorates are as follows:-
(a) Total Defence Day (15 Feb) – marking the day in 1942 when Singapore fell to the Japanese. The commemoration serves to remind that everyone has a part to play in the Total Defence of Singapore.

(b) International Friendship Day – commemorated in schools on the 3rd Friday of Term 2. It is a day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. It aims to sensitise our students towards the geo-political realities inherent in Singapore, as well as nurture in our students the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people.

(c) Racial Harmony Day (21 Jul) — marking the day in 1964 when racial riots broke out in Singapore. The commemoration would signify that efforts at racial understanding and tolerance must be strengthened.

(d) National Day (9 Aug) — marking Singapore’s independence.

In addition to this, the committee ensured that pride towards Singapore is instilled in our students by organising level wide Learning Journeys for all students. A thematic approach is used in planning the Learning Journeys. Each theme amplifies the objectives of the Learning Journey.

Secondary One – Care for the Environment eg. Sungei Ulu Pandan River Fieldwork
Secondary Two – Concern about Culture eg. Singapore Changi Museum and Battlebox at Fort Canning
Secondary Three – Good Governance eg. Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, Info-Communications Media Development Authority of Singapore, Singapore Sports Hub and Lifelong Learning Exploration Centre.
Secondary Four & Five – Globalization eg. Singapore Discovery Centre, Army Museum and SAFTI Military Institure Camp Tour

Various departments will also be engaged in subject based Learning Journeys to integrate NE into curriculum. NE-CCE lesson, discussion and reflections are based on theme of the NE Commemorative events and contemporary issues.
Annually, the committee runs the National Education Quiz. In 2015 & 2016, 100% of Secondary 4NA and 4Express students have set for and passed the quiz .
NE ambassadors will be empowered to lead in championing NE through exposing them to various platforms such as

– Racial Harmony Day with Yuhua Primary School and Clementi Primary School as core planners and facilitators
– All 4 NE Commemoration Events as facilitators or planners

Pride in Singapore is also instilled in staff through the 4 Commemorative events, Staff NE Learning Journey and external platforms such Racial Harmony Forum.

NE Learning Journey at Singapore Discovery Centre
NE Learning Journey at the National Museum
Sharing by Mr Alan Cheng during Total Defence Day
Sing-Along seesion during International Friendship Day
Guiding Yuhua Primary students in their RHD projects
National Day Celebration