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Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

Objective of Education & Career Guidance (ECG)
To prepare Newtowners for the world beyond secondary school life


Upper Sec ECG Fair:
– To showcase the changing landscape of the world of careers
– To share the significance of having the right mindset, values and skills in preparing for the future
– To inspire students to be forward-thinking and resilient in responding to future challenges

The school organises an annual Upper Sec ECG Fair for all Sec 3-5 students, where speakers from post-secondary education institutions as well as various industry partners are invited to provide insights on the ever-changing world of work. Students get to choose the talks they would like to listen to and this provides them the ownership over their own learning.

Sec 3 Work Attachment Programme:
– To allow students the opportunity to appreciate the myriad of different jobs available in the various sectors
– To provide students the first-hand experience in the working world
– To develop life skills and good working habits

Selected Sec 3 students can take part in the Work Attachment Programme, where they will be attached to partner organisations for a period of one to three days. Before the programme, they will be provided with training and a mentor who will also guide them throughout their work attachment experience. Students who are keen on the programme should indicate their interest when the work attachment programme details are released.

ECG Counselling:

Our ECG Counsellor, Mr Teng Swee Hoe provides counselling support to students who are in need of guidance in post-secondary education options and career planning. Interested students can make an appointment to see Mr Teng by sending an email to 
Teng_SWEE_HOE@schools.gov.sg or seeing him in person at the ECG Room in the library on Wednesdays from 8 am to 5 pm.


– Talks by alumni members
– Poly Open Houses (for interested students)
– MOE ECG Fair (for interested students)
– In-class ECG lessons during CCE periods