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Ethnic Fusion Dance Group

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 16.39.33.jpeg INTRODUCTION The NTSS Ethnic Fusion Dance Club, is a newly formed club that resulted from the merger of the Malay and Indian dance clubs. Since 2016, the club performed many captivating and enchanting performances on stage and aims to continue to do so. The Ethnic Fusion Dance club provides a platform for pupils of different races to appreciate and perform the Malay and Indian cultural dances. The club also provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the cultures and traditions of the Indian and Malay races through dance. Learning about different cultures could cultivate tolerance and respect in pupils towards other races promoting racial harmony and a sense of pride in being Singaporean. On the other hand, students of the same culture can utilise the time spent in the club as a good platform to preserve and practice their respective cultures and traditions. TEACHER IN-CHARGE AND COACH/TRAINERS Teachers in-charge Mdm Kasumawati Bte Wansi (1st i/c) Mdm Gandhimathi w/o Rashasegaran Coach Juhari Mohd Zaid (Sriwana) Chairperson: Dinie Vice chairperson: Sim Sihui, Megha Kaur and Odelyn Chan ACTIVITIES OF THE YEAR 1. Sec 1 Orientation 2. Commendation Day 3. SYF Arts Presentation 2019 ACHIEVEMENTS SYF Arts Presentation 2019 Certificate of Accomplishment