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Our New Town Basketball Team aim to empower our students to:

1) Discover & Develop their strength of character (Sportsmanship)

2) Nurture Student Leadership Skills (Leadership)

3) Encourage student opportunities to pursue and excel in their passion / talent through the joy of learning. (Passion & Positivity)

Through an emphasis on Dedication, Determination, and Discipline; we strive to strengthen our  New Town Basketballers' mental resilience and physical stamina


MORE : A question of what more can you bring to this team? what more can you be doing to grow as a  player? It could be dedicating time to practice shooting on court, strength training in the gym, and /or improving on your studies to garner your parents  support you in your basketball journey.

TEAM : not merely about passing the ball to others. It is about caring for the person beside you in the huddle, the teammate who is weak at math and the teammate who gets benched for disciplinary problems. It is about helping them through their life journey  because what happens to your teammates matters to you.

NOW : being physically and mentally present in every moment. Now is about striving and winning the moment; not letting it go wasted. On court or off court, consistency matters.


Day/Time: Tuesday – 3pm - 6.15pm*

Venue: Indoor Sports Hall Level 1 and School Basketball Courts 

* Extra Weekly & Holiday Trainings before the Competition Season


  • Ms Yap Sze Hui, Stella (1st i/c)
  • Mdm Valli d/o Sundaram (2nd i/c)
  • Mr Liau Chee Mun
  • Mr Nar Soon Keong
  • Mr Loh Yong Qi


  • Mr Elvin Chong
  • Mr Neo Rymond
  • Mr Chua Cheng Wei
  • Mr Dexter Tan


  • West Zone ‘B’ Division Championships (Jan – Apr)
  • ActiveSG BAS Basketball Development League (Apr)
  • West Zone ‘C’ Division Championships (Jul – Aug)
  • ActiveSG BAS Basketball Development League (Aug)
  • Basketball Day Camp (*NEW)