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Media and Communications Club

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Media and Communications Club (MCC) is a new CCA formed in 2018, tapping on the strengths of the previous Infocomm Club and AVA and Photography Club. MCC aims to provide members with opportunities to develop their media skills and build their portfolio in three inter-related areas – namely, photography (handling DSLR cameras, design elements), videography (storyboarding, filming, video editing) and audio-visual support. Students deepen their competencies in these areas through in-house training sessions, photography/videography outings, particpation in national competitions and providing audio-visual support to school events Teachers in-charge: Mr Leuar Woan Keng (1st I/C) Mr Loganadhan Prathap Mr Mark Brandon Frois-Naidu (AED) Ms Zoe Chan Zhong Ji Mr Swee Jin Quan Samuel Student Leaders: Chairperson: Errick Vice-Chairperson (AVA): Luqman Vice-Chairperson (Photography): Ethan Vice-Chairperson (VIdeography): Shao Feng Head of Logistics (AVA): Evelyn Head of Logistics (Photography): Calicia Head of Logistics (Videography): Jun Heng Head of Community Outreach: Gareth Lower Secondary Head (AVA): Kirsten Lower Secondary Head (Photography): Siti Nuriffah Izzati Lower Secondary Head (Videography): Emerson Activities for the Year: Our Schools, Our Stories Photo Contest Singapore Our Home SG75 Competition AVA Training Photography, Videography and AVA Services for School Events Photography and videography outings Photography and videography workshops Achievements: 2018 - South West Eco Skit - 1st Runner Up (in collaboration with Green Guardians) 2017 - South West Eco Skit - 2nd Runner Up (in collaboration with Green Guardians) 2017 – MOE Centre of Excellence (Digital Media) Annual Videography Competition (YouthChange 3.0) – 2nd Runner Up
2016 – NEmation (Top 40 Position)