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2018 Awards

The Caring Teacher Awards 2018

The Caring Teacher Awards organised by the National Institute of Education is a biennial event that pays tribute to teachers who show care and concern for the holistic development of their students and go the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners.

The following are the awardees:


(Left to right) Mr Alan Cheng Poh Huat, Mdm Kasumawati Bte Wansi, Ms Lai Chiu Shuan , Ms Cynthia Lui Hui Xian and Mr Alvin Tan Jia Jie

We would like to thank all parents and students who put up the nominations.

2017 Awards

National Day Awards 2017

  • Mrs Chua-Teo Ting Ting (Commendation Medal)
  • Mr Gideon Yong Kek Shoong (Long Service Medal)

Recognition from Public Service Division Facebook page

Mr Ng Wee Choon

2016 Award

National Day Awards 2016

  • Ms Cheryl Tan Wei Shang (Commendation Medal)

2015 Awards

The Caring Teachers Awards

  • Ms Anisha Ghani
  • Ms Yong Li Ping
  • Ms Elissa Goh Yi Ling
  • Mr Tham Ming Hwee
  • Mr Kalidass so Jayaraman

Teacher’s Teacher Award

Mdm Kasumawati Bte Wansi

2014 Awards

The Caring Teachers Awards

  • Mr Mohamad Khirsyaban Iskandar
  • Ms Wong Gaik Choon
  • Ms Goh Yi Ling Elissa
  • Ms Yong Li Ping
  • Mrs Chia Su May
  • Mr Tay Chong Guan

Teacher’s Teacher Award

Ms Christine Tan


2013 Award

Teacher’s Teacher Award

Mrs Cheryl Goh




Ms Wendy Tham, parent of Sec 4 student

“Dear Ms Wong Yu Yuh, Principal


I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and all the teachers who had taught my daughter, Sharyn LOH Yu Qiao who was in Class 4E2 in 2014. Sharyn received her O levels results on Monday, and we are very happy that she has done well in this major exam. Without the teachers’ and your valuable guidance and positive influence, Sharyn would never have realized her potential.

On this same note, I would also like to specially register my thanks to Mrs Mabel Fong, the form teacher for Class 4E2. Sharyn was at a loss, after her results as she did not know the next route she should pursue, JC or Polytechnic. Mrs Mabel Fong spent her valuable time, counselling and advising Sharyn and finally, Sharyn decided that she will pursue her academic education in Catholic Junior College. We sincerely appreciate Mrs Fong for being so dedicated to her students, especially the graduating class. Her selfless time and positive influence helps many of these students, make a difference in their choices in their next academic path.

Once again, many thanks for all these dedication given to the students, and to Sharyn. Please convey my sincere appreciation to Mrs Mabel Fong and all the teachers who have had taught Sharyn in her 4 enriching years in New Town Secondary School. I could never have thanked them enough.

Wendy Tham
Parent of Sharyn Loh Yu Qiao, Class 4E2 (2014)”

Mrs Vimmala Raja Singam, parent of Sec 1 student

“Dear Dr Thuraisingam,

This is the mother of Sarveshvaran writing to you.

I was actually very pleasantly surprised that Sarvesh made a book review presentation with confidence, in front of the all the students, teachers and Principal on 13th January 2015. Even more, when I received the letter of commendation from the school, I was really proud of him.

I would like to thank you and the Principal for believing in Sarvesh and making him believe in his own abilities.

School is a supportive community focused on giving each student the best education possible, and Newtown Secondary School has provided Sarvesh with just that.

I will be glad to keep in touch with you on the progress of Sarvesh in school and I can always be reached on my mobile or email.

Once again,  thank you for a great school start off year and for always going the extra mile as a teacher. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

With heartfelt thanks and my warmest wishes,

Mrs Vimmala – Sarvesh mum”

Singapore Art Museum

“Dear Ms Wong,

Greetings from the Singapore Art Museum, Programmes (Education) Department.

We have approached Ms Siow Xing Yu, Ms Rosnah Ghazali and Ms Rozaina Rusli from your school to collaborate with us in producing lesson resources using artworks in our new Learning Gallery. The Learning Gallery is SAM’s permanent exhibition dedicated to presenting artworks to promote deeper engagement and discussion of issues through contemporary art. They have contributed multi/scheme-of-assessmentdisciplinary lessons for 2 different artworks and the resources will be shared via the SAM education website. The school and teachers involved will be credited.

Thank you for your support and advocacy for learning through art, and we look forward to more collaborations in years to come.


Wang Tingting :: Manager, Programmes”


Ms Jenny Ang, parent of Sec 4 student

“Greetings,Ms Wong Yu Yuh
Mr Francis Yee
Ms Lai Chiu Shuan
Mrs Chia Su MayThis is Brian Chua’s mother, Brian graduated from sec 4E2 last year (2014).I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your diligent teaching and generous support to Brian during his secondary school education with New Town.In all honesty, I was not at all pleased when Brian was posted to NTSS after his PSLE.  However, over time the school has impressed me and by the time Brian advanced to Sec 2, I was convinced that he’s in good hands with NTSS.Brian trains vigorously in taekwondo, and Mr Yee has been most supportive by turning up at the national inter school tournament every year without fail.  He has given Brian much encouragement and advice in juggling academic and sports, especially last year when we were in a dilemma if Brian should take up the strict training in order to do SEA games 2015.

Mrs Chia has been most considerate and helpful, a couple of Brian’s tournaments took place during the SPA exams, and she worked out the relevant schedule in alignment with Brian’s tournaments, lest he suffers injuries in the competition which may impact his performance for the SPA.

Ms Lai was a patient and assuring form teacher.  She had guided Brian closely in his English subject.  At each ‘meet the parent’ session, she would share with me on Brian’s strengths and weaknesses at length.

Brian has done adequately well enough in his ‘O’ levels, and has an option to do business studies in polytechnic and pre/scheme-of-assessmentU course in junior college.  While he did work very hard after learning a harsh lesson from his hopeless prelims results, he wouldn’t have achieved this much without the continuous and patient support of the teachers.

I am not able to list all the other teachers who have previously helped Brian, but I am as grateful to them, including the general office personnel who have always carried themselves professionally and efficiently in my dealings with them.  Please convey my gratitude to them for bearing with me and rendering me the duly assistance I need each time.

Ms Wong, you have a great team.

Thank you, NTSS
Thank you, Mr Yee
Thank you, Ms Lai
Thank you, Mrs Chia

You are the most supportive educators whom I couldn’t ask for more.
I am positive the children in NTSS will grow and mature to aspiring young men and women in your selfless guidance.

Jenny Ang”


Ms Cecilia Tan, parent of Sec 1 student

“I am writing to commend on your team of Teachers in 1E/1 who readily assisted me to guide my son, Tan Yu Kai, during his transition year from primary school to secondary 1.  In particular, I would like to give special thanks to Mr Tham Ming Hwee who paid attention to my son’s learning development in school.  Over a short period of 2 to 3 months, my son has become more cheerful, sociable, independent and responsible.”

Angelin Antony, parent of Sec 2 student

“I am indeed blessed to have a teacher like Ms Siow as a form teacher for my daughter Annalynna for 2 years. During these 2 years, my daughter has given a hard time for Ms Siow with her numerous rebellious attitude and problems.Ms Siow has always kept me update of my daughter’s problems. And each time, I always feel frustrated and helpless as to why my daughter is doing such things. However, Ms Siow’s encouraging and kind words brought relief to my distressed heart. She never gave up on my daughter and continued to believe in her. I started to hear my daughter reflecting on Ms Siow’s advices.

New Town Secondary School is indeed blessed to have such a teacher.

Thank you Ms Siow for your dedication and passion towards the students.”