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Vice-Principals' Message

Mrs Chua Ting Ting
(Vice-principal 1)
New Town Secondary School is thankful to our many supportive stakeholders and partners who continually contribute in one way or another to provide varied and holistic learning experiences for our students to bring out the best in them.
We have a vibrant team of Parent Support Group (PSG) which supports and participates in various school events and communicates with the school regularly, providing us with feedback for improvement. The PSG will continue to leverage on the Family Matters @ School programmes as an additional form of support to the school. Through the programmes, parents will be equipped with parenting skills that are critical in the development of their children during their adolescence.
We are very fortunate to have a group of alumni who are always ready to give back to their alma mater. Many of them are well-established in various fields and have shared their experiences and expertise with our students to widen their horizons and help them to be future-ready. We look forward to them inspiring their juniors to dare to dream and role-modelling as useful citizens who make positive contributions to our nation.
Various industries and community partners have also been very supportive of our school’s programmes, including our Learning for Life Programme (LLP). They have provided learning opportunities for our students to develop their leadership and character during their Service Learning and Work Attachment Programme, enabling them to make connections between what they learn in school and the various fields that they will encounter beyond the school.
With a team of highly committed and passionate staff, the school will continue to strengthen the partnership with parents, alumni and the community. Through the strong collaborations, we would be able to help our students discover their talents and interests, nurture deep skills in different fields, and let every Newtowner excel and achieve success in his or her own way.
Warm Regards
Mrs Chua Ting Ting

Mr Gideon Yong Kek Shong (Vice-Principal 2)
The school is committed to fulfilling its vision of ‘Nurturing Talents, Sharing Success’ and developing Newtowners to be resilient learners, compassionate citizens and confident leaders.
The school believes that teachers are the key to students’ learning and in line with our strategic thrust of developing passionate and professional staff, our teachers will be continually developed and equipped in the areas of curriculum knowledge, curriculum innovation and assessment so as to provide quality teaching and learning for our Newtowners.
We place strong emphasis on character development, values inculcation and the development of leadership, 21st Century Competencies and sense of citizenship. Our school has vibrant and customised curriculum and programmes to develop the unique talents and interests of our students.
With the development of info-communications technology, there is a need for our students to acquire visual communication skills such as how images, typography and symbols are being understood and utilised by a larger group of audience. To prepare our students for the future and to equip them with critical and inventive thinking skills, the school has identified Visual Communication as its second niche under the Applied Learning Programme (ALP).
The school adopts a thematic approach for the ALP which focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of photography. The Tier I Programme is integrated in Sec 1 and 2 Curriculum subjects such as Science, Art, English Language and Humanities and the Tier 2 Programme is customised for students with higher ability and interest.
We are proud that New Town Secondary School has developed many cohorts of students who are successful and contributing members of the society and we are confident that the school will fulfil its mission of nurturing the youths of today for the challenges of tomorrow.
Warm Regards
Mr Gideon Yong Kek Shoong