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School Crest & Song

School Crest



The badge embodies the name of the school in both English and Chinese. It is in three colours: white, black and red. Each colour symbolizes certain attributes in a person.

White – Purity, Sincerity and Honesty

Black – Perseverance and Steadfastness

Red – Aspirations, Warmth and Unity

At the centre of the badge is a flower which is made up of many petals encircling a cog-wheel. The flower stands for scholastic achievement while the cog-wheel signifies the nation’s progress and development. Education is the inculcation of all tbe above attributes.  It is hoped that with these qualities, a Newtowner will be able to forge a better future for himself and contribute to the nation’s progress and development.

School Song

Music score: Kok Wai Choo
Words and Melody: Mrs Yeo Lai Cheng

Arranged By: Mr. Desmond Moey
Vocalist: Ms. Sheng Wong
Pianist: Mr. Fifi Leong
Sound Engineer: Mr. Gerald Koh