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Principal's Message

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Mrs Sng Siew Hong (Principal)
Since its founding in 1965, New Town Secondary School has been steadfast in providing a holistic education for its students and in nurturing their talents. Over the decades, the passing of hands from one school principal to another has stayed true to fulfilling the school mission and working towards achieving greater heights for its journey towards school excellence.
Besides imparting knowledge and skills, our staff and the school community have continually worked to instill the values of care & concern, self-discipline, integrity, resilience and resourcefulness in our students. Over the years, we have also seen the growth and maturity of our students, with many generations of ‘New Towners’ being able ‘To Forge a Better Life’ for themselves and actively contribute to society.
With the establishment of our school niche in Community and Youth Leadership (Learning for Life Programme or LLP), we provide an array of programmes and activities to further develop and nurture the leadership qualities in our students. Through planned approaches and community partnership, the LLP aims to enable our students not only to lead their own lives responsibly but also to be able to impact others meaningfully through their leadership and services.
By enabling our students to be resilient learners and to equip them with critical and inventive thinking skills, the school has identified Visual Communication as its second niche under the Applied Learning Programme or ALP. Using a thematic approach that spans across subject areas such as Science, Art, Humanities and English, and by tapping on current related platforms and resources within and beyond the school, we aim to better prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.
Over the years, New Town Secondary School has enjoyed the strong support given by parents, the school advisory committee, alumni, parent support group and partners in education. I am confident that my staff and I will uphold the trust and confidence entrusted upon us to fulfill the school vision of ‘Nurturing Talents, Sharing Success’. We will strive to enable our students to be resilient learners, compassionate citizens and confident leaders.

Wishing You All the Best!
Mrs Sng Siew Hong